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    Lake District advice - Sea Trout day ticket

    Hi All, We're driving up to Scotland to see family at the end of August and I had hoped to fish the Deveron for sea trout. Unfortunately it is an early run river and I will be too late. We're breaking up the journey with a stop over in the lake district so I will try and slip away one evening...
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    Brownie or sea trout?

    Hi All, I fished the Test today near stockbridge, as a guest of a friend who has a rod in the forces angling club (cheap fishing on the Test, it does exist!). Terrible weather but I caught 2 trout and a grayling, all 14". The trout are stocked, but when I got home I realised one is very...
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    Devon and Cornwall 2018

    Starting a South West thread, I imagine all rivers are suffering the same malaise at the moment so until we get a bit more rain things may be quiet. I fished Butterwell last weekend with my father. I lost one good sea trout at the net (around the 4lb mark), and landed a small one of about a lb...
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    Cornwall next week - sea trout

    Hi All, I'm heading down to the Fowey area next week and was planning to get a night's sea trout fishing in. The Fowey and Camel are both very accessible; can someone please suggest good day ticket water to maximise my chances. I have mastered the art of casting ok at night, but not...