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    The South Devon Rivers 2014

    Have seen otters on nearly every evening on the lower Dart this season with half eaten seatrout quite a common sight ,sadly also diseased fish in quite large numbers some very near death one pool held four largish trout all completely pickled white all over a very sad sight indeed.
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    Disease !

    Just wondering if the country as a whole is beggining to see this as a bad season for disease ? udn, saprogenia ,furunculosis i am always a bit puzzled are these all the same ? Have seen quite a lot on the Dart this season not really been fishing it for long enough to say more than usual .What...
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    Smoking the catch

    Has anyone got advice on this subject ,have done a few with an abu smoker and oak chips ,was a little dissapointed to be honest ,maybe i should work harder with the marinade interested in your views.
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    snowbee guarantee

    My Snowbee waders began to leek when approx 11 months old ,i took them back expecting the usual battle for satisfaction . They were exchanged for a new pair straight away with no quibble or moaning so this is just to say thanks to Snowbee ,sadly an exception in this day and age .
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    Broken rod tip advice

    Well i new it would happen one day ! i have snapped the last 2 inches off my favorite rod ,the rod was second hand when bought so no warranty.The question is if i replace the original rod tip on the blank will the action be ruined? It is a 9ft 6ins Scott.There must be a lot of anglers who have...
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    Graysofkilsyth needle tubes

    Just wondered if anyone has used these and had any success or problems?
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    Scott rods advice please

    I would be grateful if anyone has had a chance to compare a scott sas 10ft with a Scott sts 10 ft .I have the chance to buy either and am not sure which to go for i own a scott sas 9ft 6 inch rod which i love ,but am at the moment leaning towards the sts ,unfortunately i will not have the chance...
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    Hardy disc 7

    Can anyone help me solve a problem, i have been trying to sell a couple of spare spools from my Hardy disc 7 reel, both fit the reel perfectly.Now i have advertised them both as from a Hardy disc 7 and have sent good pictures to the buyers.The trouble is that both buyers have returned them...