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  1. dj33

    Happy new year,

    I'll be celebrating new year out of the country this year, so I want to wish everyone a very happy new year, let's hope 2020 yields more migratory fish through out the country than it has during 2019
  2. dj33

    Merry Christmas and happy new year

    I just want to take the time to wish everyone a merry x mas and happy new year , let's hope the 2020 runs are better and we can all catch our aspired goals , Damian
  3. dj33

    How was the season for you?

    i managed one sewin this year, back in june , i planned to fish in august to october but every time i attempted to get out the river was in flood, so for me not the the best season , always 2020
  4. dj33

    Ogmore 2019

    It will be interesting how these new rules effect us, although we know it's the fish at sea that need the most protection, I heard the usk had a not so good year , watching the results a lot say the same from most rivers throughout the uk.
  5. dj33

    Fishing droppers

    I never fish a single fly for sea trout night or day , most of my landed sea trout have come to a dropper including most of my bigger fish, I know the tendency is to fish a smaller fly as a dropper but often both flies are the same size for me , just one black n silver the other blue and silver...
  6. dj33

    Ogmore 2019

    Hi Spencer, hope your season went well, Only fished the river 3 times this year, managed one sewin and lost a couple , hopefully I'll fish more next year. Damain
  7. dj33

    Sea Trout Tube Flies (Night)

    Personally I've given up on tubes now and have gone to long shank streamer hooks from size 4 to size 6 , I use a cone head on the flies for faster deeper water and just standard for shallower slower water , the wing only goes as far back as the tail of the fly , like golden pheasant, if I...