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    Conwy 2016

    Hi all, as the time is rapidly approaching I thought I'd get the Conwy thread up and running. News so far is - there's no news. A while to go before they start entering the Conwy again, June at the earliest but picking up better in July. Soon be here!
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    Some fish & flies

    Hi all, sport's a bit slow here on the Conwy, waiting for rain, like many I'm sure. In the meantime, some pics from 2015
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    Conwy 2015

    Hi all, well it's getting close to time, so thought I'd get the Conwy 2015 thread underway. So far nothing to report!
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    A few more brownies

    Hi all, well, the season's end draws near, so trying to cram as much fishing in as possible before the long drawn-out wait for the new season. Had a great day chasing some wild brownies with Sam yesterday. Here's a few shots of the day and the previous trip out.
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    When levels are bad ...

    Hi all, so we're many of us are suffering from low levels at the moment. I don't know how others cope but my fall-back plan is some wild brownie fishing. A few pics from the last couple of outings (spot the 5lb bruiser).
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    Some fish from the season so far ..

    Apologies, no sea trout or salmon amongst them. Some fish from various reservoirs and lakes/tarns from around the country.
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    Fish food 2014

    Hi chaps, well, clock is ticking towards the new season, will soon be here. As usual I'll start my fishing forays on still waters for some wild brownies and some reservoir fishing. Been slowly knocking some trout flies off at the vice; sea trout ones will follow once the season gets underway...
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    Celtic Sea Trout closure meeting

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone else here attended? Lot's of stuff to digest, and whilst there was little good news, it was fair to say there wasn't much bad news either. Increasing catches relative to rod effort. Who'd have thought! :D Make sure we all put some effort in this year chaps.
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    Conwy Thread 2014

    I'm name this thread 'Conwy Thread' may god bless her, and all who fish in her. :)
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    Still waiting.....

    Hey up chaps, still waiting for the arrival of the sea trout in the Conwy. Been supplementing the urge with some reservoir boat fishing. A few pics. Apologies for the gratuitous lump shot.:p
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    Some fish food...

    Hey up chaps... new season upon us! Whilst I've not ventured out as yet for sea trout, have had a few visits to some reservoirs around the country. Been busy at the vice from Christmas through to start of season, so I thought I'd put up a few pictures of some recent creations from the vice...
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    Conwy 2013

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    Are we being invaded?

    What's the score with all the jumbled lettered members? Spammers? I thought Admin vetted all new potential members before ratifying their membership.
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    A few more.

    Hi all, a few more from 2012, and a couple from back end of last season too. Some fish, some scenery, and some macro taken whilst out fishing. A shot a few of you might have seen before.
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    Some pics 2012

    Hi all, sea trout fishing's been a bit poor this year due to all the rains, as I'm sure you're all aware! As usual I've been supplementing my sea trout fishing with some still-water fishing for both wild brownies, and when I need my string pulling, some rainbows. Here's a few pics from my...