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    Wanted: Old lane / irish minnows and sutherland specials

    If anyone has any lying about for sale, please drop me a pm. many thanks
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    Do snake flies outfish sunk lures/tandems when estuary fishing? Preparing new box

    I will be fishing a new area this year, an estuary which has good seatrout from july onwards. It also gets good shoals of mackeral, so I am thinking seatrout may feed on very small mackeral and I should go for something like medicene flies, tandems and sunk lures. My question is, should I drop...
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    Wanted -- Metz/whiting white saddle, sutherland specials, taz devils , lane minnows

    I am looking for all of the above, if anyone has these for sale. Please drop me a pm. thanks
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    Wanted ---Lane minnows in orange/yellow?

    I am looking for a few old lane minnows, perferably in orange or yellow. If you have some please drop me a pm thank you
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    Managed to get my hands on 1000 more D3ST hooks!

    This is the last of them, got a thousand of them so give me a shout with what you need. 12 quid per 100 so can do a trade for sewincaster lines.
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    I am on the market for two new lines this year. I am looking for a sewincaster Sink Tip - 15ft Medium -Fast Sink Type 3 and the deepest sinking sewincaster the Sink Tip - 24ft#8 Ultra Fast Sink Type 6. I am happy to go for used sewincaster lines as long as they are in as new condition, I will...
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    Just found a load of partridge D3ST hooks, sizes 2 , 4 and 6. Anyone want them?

    Hey chaps I found a load of old shop stock hooks. Packets of partridge D3ST hooks, got hundred's in sizes 2 4 and 6. I know they have been discontinued and very sought after seatrout hook. Whoever wants them, can have them for £12.00 per hundred of each size. Pictures can be posted if need...
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    Affordable seatrout fishing in wales, planning a trip, roughly what are th costs?

    I am thinking of travelling over from ireland at some point for some seatrout fishing. I am curious to know where are the best places to fish, obviously the towey, teifi etc come to mind but where are the other hidden gems. I am looking for value for money, I can't afford patagonia so wales is...
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    Building a new collection of flies for estuary fishing, 4 patterns only, 3 picked, 1

    Building a new collection of flies for estuary fishing, 4 patterns only, 2 picked, 1 to go. I am building a new set of flies for seatrout fishing, all estuary fishing. So far I have picked the blue elver, medicine, the silver wilkinson shrimp and need one more....any recomendations? Remember...
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    Using real eel skin for seatrout flies?

    Can anyone remember using real eel skin (usually for dropper flies) to make seatrout flies?
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    Fishing the bubble float and fly in estuary's

    Hey Does anyone on here fish with the bubble float and fly in estuarys? I.e bubble float at the end of your line, then 2 - 3 flies on droppers. I fish the fly but I think it would be nice for the girl friend to try it before she moves onto the fly rod. Just a thought. cheers
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    Anyone know where I can buy a vulturine patch of elver feathers?

    I am looking to tie up some blue elvers but i'm not really interested in buying feathers, would rather get a full skin or a full elver section of a vulturine skin. thankyou
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    Quality flies for sale at humble prices. salmon + seatrout

    Hello, I got some good selections of salmon flies for sale, they were bought from www. and are still in their packets, on their we printed flybox cards, totally unused. They were very expensive, usually around 10 quid per set of three. I am letting them got cheap to raise...
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    On the market for a #8 floating line, what is the best out there?

    I currently use a sewin caster line but over the past few years it isn't in the best shape, probably due to fishing cobble stone walkways along the river. Not the best for your lines. What is the best out there? I have heard a cortland peach is a good line but its there any better ones out...
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    What is the ultimate 10ft single handed seatrout rod?

    Hey guys, What is the ultimate seatrout rod? cheers