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  • DAZ,

    I can not tell you how much I am p*ssed off by what "Findus " has written (via you). Unless this is some "private", online fishing club that I have unfortunately stumbled into, as a neutral "moderator", I'm slightly surprised at your comments.

    Dude or not, Findus posted Crockski a mesage saying that he was, for no explained reason, "gonna tell that bluecharm to fuckoff". If he denies it, then he/she is a liar, and he/she knows it. Now, I don't know why he/she thinks that saying such things and getting a response is a "problem mate", but I think he/she could be big enough to answer him/herself (presuming he/she is a grown-up and has a good reason for writing such things ?)

    Therefore, I PM'd Findus to ask what I had done to upset him/her to react in this way (rather than make it a spectacle on the forum). Findus is correct in that there has been no direct communication with me. However, if he/she had bothered to see what is available on view with the new site, he/she might have realised that his PMs weren't a secret. Hence my PM to him/her. What is interesting (to me anyway) is that the original post from Findus (stating that he/she wanted to tell me to F*ck Off) has miraculously disappeared from view .............. I wonder how that could have happened ?

    DAZ, I'd like you to have a word with me, and please tell me where I have gone wrong here.
    And what is your inferrence regarding those flotation vests. Perhaps you were answering to a different thread ?


    Whats that all about then ?.....Would you like me to have a word with him ?.

    P.S...I haven't had a look,or ask, about thoses floation vests yet!...I will.
    alrite daz,got a a problem mate,
    bluecharm has sent me a pm tellin me i have told im to "fuck off",
    i have had no communication with the dude?
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